Education & Business Consultancy, Enhancement Coaching and Mentoring

Supports your school/organisation towards success!  Critical Friendship for Self-Evaluation, Leadership support, Motivation, Change management, Performance Enhancement Coaching and Mentoring and Training/workshops for Business Owners, Head teachers, leaders, Governors, Trustees and staff, pupils and/or parents, providers and other organisational community. 

Who Benefits:      

The whole school/organisations and its community - meeting objectives, staying focussed, enhanced energy flow, healthy environment, more functional, more flexible, increased delegation, better utilisation of resources available, uplifted through feeling supported, increased capacity.

Models Utilised:    

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Pattern Management, Symbollic Modelling, Neurological Re-patterning, Quality Development Framework, Remodelling change processes, Project Management and other business and therapeutic models for a holistic approach - tailored to your needs. 

Tutoring and accelerated learning services:

For young people and older students for educational success and achievement - Removal of learning blocks, increase motivation, strategies for learning, one to one, group coaching and workshops.



Personal and Professional Development and Accelerated learning for educational establishments and other types of business enterprises and the people within, staff, pupils and parents, providers, business community achieve greater outcomes for children and young people.  With a whole school approach to personal and professional Development, every child will have multiple opportunities to fulfil their potential. The well being of staff also need to be nurtured through opportunities for self-reflecting on practice and observe how practice could be improved for more efficiency. Raising their potential, skills and capabilities and confidence transfer to better outcomes and well-being for every staff, child and family.


  • Critical Friendship - Through Quality Development Framework and Self Evaluation Process
  • Achieve Qiss Kite Mark for quality in Study Support (Qiss) - links with Canterbury Christchurch University
  • Coaching - one to one or group and peer coaching
  • Mentoring for Teachers (staff), pupils or parents
  • Change Management/Facilitation - organisation or personal and professional Development
  • Accelerated Learning and change modelling
  • Training - Utilising NLP for Teaching & Learning
  • Project Management
  • Support for Business & Community Engagement


  • Improved Dynamic Leadership
  • Talent, Stress and Time Management
  • Behaviour Management
  • Personal and Professional Enhancement
  • Accelerated problem solving, learning and change
  • Integrated approach
  • Career Enhancement
  • Enhanced communication -heightened rapport
  • Better managed implementation of new projects
  • New learning opportunities for all - Expand Study Support provisions 
  • Access new providers and funding
  • Positively impact the community to achieve greater success
  • Enhanced Well Being and Alignment

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We provide inspiration and motivation to bring about positive changes in your life, your business, your career, your school, your community. We believe that with the support of Desire2Inspie Performance coaching, encouragement and the right tools you could be achieving success and reaching your potential.  Make your decision and commitment now! 



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